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VAT ServicesVAT Services

Find out about VAT and Customs regulations in the EU. RM Boulanger assists you in your fiscal and customs formalities. Find all information per theme & country

VAT Services

VAT Registration

Everything about VAT registrations, Intrastat, fiscal formalities and more to start your activities in one of the 27 Member States of the EU.VAT Registration

VAT Filing

Your VAT returns will be submitted on a monthly, quarterly, and/or yearly basis, depending on the country of submission. In France for example, the deadline is the 19th of each month following the month of reference (for example July 19th for the VAT return of June).VAT Filing

VAT Consultancy

VAT compliance is an essential step in doing business in the EU. Ask for a free audit by our expert in order to identify your risks and exposure and to take steps to contain those risks.VAT Consultancy

FIscal Representation

Fiscal Representation refers to the arrangement where a company appoints a representative to fulfil its VAT obligations in a foreign country where it conducts business but does not have a physical presence or a registered entity.FIscal Representation

Reclaiming VAT

VAT refund procedures for foreign companies, whether registered to VAT in the EU or not. There are several possibilities in order to claim back your VAT.Reclaiming VAT


Intrastat returns are mandatory in the EU. There are different thresholds per country for inbound & outbound flows and penalties in case of non-compliance.Intrastat


VAT & Customs assistance for E-commerce businesses selling in one or more EU Member States. We provide VAT assistance for both EU as well as non-EU companies.E-commerce

Business VAT in Europe

RM Boulanger is an independent french firm with over 40 years experience, dedicated to European VAT-, Customs and indirect tax regulations in all 27 EU countries.Business VAT in Europe


The UK left the EU. The transition period ended on December 31st,2020. The UK and the EU cosider each other as a 3rd country. So what about VAT and Customs?


Selling DDP in the UK

EU companies are not able to trade with the UK as before Brexit. Read about our solutions how to enable EU companies to sell DDP to the UK.Selling DDP in the UK

Selling DDP in the EU

What does it mean to sell DDP as a UK company? Doing business in the EU without the need to open an office in the EU. RMB offers solutions to Brexit challenges!Selling DDP in the EU

Mitigating Brexit

As the UK left the European Union, obviously UK companies will not be able to benefit from the EU simplification rules anymore. RMB has a solution for this: France, your gate and hub to the EU market.Mitigating Brexit

Triangular operations

Buy again from all EU suppliers within the EU and sell subsequently to EU VAT registered businesses using the triangular operation simplification rules.Triangular operations



Export Redefined

Export Redefined

Import VAT Deferment

Companies can benefit from the import VAT deferment. As a result import VAT does not have to be paid anymore and can be accounted in a French VAT return.Import VAT Deferment

EORI number

An EORI number is compulsory for all companies importing and exporting goods into and from Europe. RM Boulanger can help you request your EORI number.EORI number

Excise duties

Excise duties on products such as alcoholic drinks. RM Boulanger SA is accredited as an excise tax representative in the context of distance sales in France.Excise duties

Posting of WorkersPosting of Workers

RMB represents your company and your employees during the period of their professional activities in France for Withholding tax and Posting of Workers.

Posting of Workers

Drivers in France

Drivers in France

Interim / Intragroup

Interim / Intragroup

Withholding tax

RMB assists clients that have employees working in France in order to be compliant. RM Boulanger supports foreign companies with their payroll administration.Withholding tax

Receiving workers from abroad

Receiving workers from abroad

BTP Cards

BTP Cards

Eco ContributionsEco Contributions

Find out what the different eco-contributions are, how they are collected as a tax and whether your company is affected or not.

Eco Contributions

Who is concerned?

Is your business concerned by the various obligations linked to eco-contributions?Who is concerned?

The AGEC Law

Explanation on the AGEC law and on how eco-contributions work.The AGEC Law

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)

Explanation of what is the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR).Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)


Explanation on the AGEC law and on how eco-contributions work.Eco-organisations

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