VAT services

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VAT compliance is an essential step in doing business in the EU. Ask for a free audit by our expert in order 
to identify your risks and exposure and to take steps to contain those risks.

VAT compliance intro

VAT compliance is much more than filing VAT returns. VAT compliance should indeed start with the analysis of companies cross border operations themselves, how the documents are issued, where transfers of ownership take place, what are the Incoterms uses, who between the seller or the buyer takes care of the transport, …

The challenge

 VAT returns are different in all countries,
 Often not available in English,
 Dates and periods of submission not harmonized,
 Different implementation / interpretation of the European VAT Directive regulations in different EU-countries.

RM Boulanger is one of the few independent firm really specializing in European VAT for cross border transactions. RM Boulanger provides VAT compliance and advisory services and is one of the major players in this field of activity.

Our work

 Efficiency and automated tools
 Follow up deadlines or specific local rules exceptions.
 Own IT VAT tool
 The data are integrated automatically in our system
 All documents are scanned.

3. Filling of VAT returns

Once VAT is calculated and the operations reported in the right boxes of the VAT form, it can be submitted to the local Tax Authorities. This is actually the last step of our VAT compliance mission. For your information, VAT returns are submitted electronically in most EU-countries and VAT payments can be done through bank transfers.

2. Calculation of VAT

The aim of VAT compliance is to have VAT paid to the local Tax Authorities in due time. Even if the great majority of cross border transactions are exempt

1. Collection of data

Depending on the EU-countries, VAT returns have to be submitted on a monthly, on a bimonthly or on a quarterly basis. Based on this, our clients provide us with all their figures and documents related to the previous period so that we handle our VAT compliance mission properly.