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The French Customs Authorities have decided to implement the new customs definition of exporters. This means that since October 2020, only companies established on the Customs territory of the European Union can be appointed as the exporter on the Customs Export Declaration.

Our Services

  • We can take the mission, as your fiscal representative, to be the exporter of records.
  • Before doing this, we will need to audit your company, your flow of goods and of course the products, as all products exported from the EU must comply to EU laws.
  • Being the exporter of records implies a direct responsibility and possible liabilities in case of non-compliance of the product with the European guidelines.
  • Once our internal study of your company, product and business flow is completed, we can start our cooperation.

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Fiscal representation through RMB, acting as your fiscal representative abroad

We assist your company by being your Fiscal representative in all 28 EU Member States + Switzerland and Norway. Our terms and conditions for Fiscal representation are clear, our pricing is fair and there are no hidden costs.

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In-depth analysis

The consequences for your company

If your company is not established on the territory of the European Union, it can no longer be indicated as an exporter in box 2 of the Customs Export Declaration.

What solutions are there? Who can be indicated on the Customs Export Declaration in your place?

  • A company within the group, if it is established within the territory of the European Community,
  • Your French or European suppliers,
  • French or European customs forwarding agent, who oversee your Customs Export Declarations,
  • Any other company, if it is established within the territory of the European Union.

It should be noted that their written authorization should be obtained beforehand.

Impact on VAT

Your company retains the obligation to be registered for VAT in France in order to report these export operations on French VAT returns. Your French VAT number must appear in box 44 of the Customs Export Declaration issued by your customs forwarding agent, as well as the details of your French fiscal representative.

We advise you to swiftly address this subject with your customs forwarding agents, and we naturally remain at your disposal should you have any questions or wish for more information on this topic.

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