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INTERFEL is a contribution applied to fresh fruits,vegetables and aromatic plants intended for culinary use. 
Read more about the filing obligations and calculation methods.

What is the Interfel contribution? INTERFEL is a contribution applied to fresh fruits,vegetables and aromatic plants intended for culinary use that have not undergone any transformation aimed at extending their shelf life.

What does the Interfel contribution fund? This contribution is collected by the National Agricultural Interprofessional Association INTERFEL composed of 11 professional federations representing the sector for production and trade of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Who is liable for the Interfel contribution? This contribution is owed by producers of these products or by anyone ensuring the retailing or the mass catering when the contribution hasn’t been collected by the seller.

What is the periodicity for the Interfel contribution? The INTERFEL contribution is to be declared annually, quarterly or monthly depending on the taxpayer’s turnover.

How is the INTERFEL contribution calculated? The rate of the INTERFEL contribution is determined by the origin of the products (France, European Union, non-members countries).

What RMB can do for you regarding the INTERFEL contribution

RM Boulanger can support your company in the periodic management of the INTERFEL contribution and in particular:

 Audit your flows and your obligations in terms of eco-contributions,
 Determine which of your products are subject to this contribution,
 Submit your periodic declarations of the contribution,
 Regularize your previous operations,
 Be the privileged contact point of your company with the French Tax Administration
 Act as a tax agent or as a tax representative for companies that are not established on French territory and are liable for the contribution


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