Mitigate the Brexit effects
making France your gateway to Europe

As the UK left the European Union, obviously UK companies will not be able to benefit from the EU 
simplification rules anymore. RMB has a solution for this: France, your gate and hub to the EU market.

Since Brexit, UK companies no longer benefit from the EU’s simplification rules. However, RMB has a solution which does not require you to establish a company in the EU: make France your gateway and hub for the EU market.

​​​​​​Establish a logistics platform in France enable your company to:

 Use harmonised intra-EU VAT regulations which were available before Brexit

 Import goods to France from non-EU countries without paying import VAT at customs

 Benefit from the EU’s open borders – ship and receive goods between EU countries without customs delays

 Maintain existing VAT exemptions on sales and purchases in the EU

 Benefit from call-off stock VAT mechanisms from 1 January 2020. To benefit, the UK company must place stock within the premises of their client. The client is only invoiced when they take the goods from stock. The supplier does not need to be registered for VAT in the country of destination.

 Maintain your corporate tax liabilities in the UK.

To realise these benefits, all you need to do is appoint RMB as your tax representative. It could not be simpler.

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