Posting of Workers

BTP Cards
Special Permit Cards

When a company posts temporary workers to work on constructions sites or renovation projects in France, you’ll need to obtain special permit cards, called BTP cards (Bâtiments et Travaux Publics).

The purpose of these BTP cards is to fight against illegal workers and make sure that each worker has his/her own card showing also their photograph to identify to whom the permit was emitted. These cards must be requested before the arriving of your employees on French territory.

Persons active on the following types of labour must have a BTP card:

🪪  Excavation, sanitation
🪪  Construction, assembly and disassembly of prefabricated elements, interior or exterior fittings or equipment,
🪪  Renovation, demolition, transformation, maintenance of buildings,
🪪  The request for a BTP card is to be made through the website.

Important: the BTP cards can only be requested once the preliminary SIPSI filing has been made to the French tax authorities for the posting of workers concerned.

Also, the BTP cards must be requested anew for each construction site in France and per individual.

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