13th directive VAT reclaim - Claim back your 2022 VAT

Your business paid VAT in the EU in 2022?
Make sure to claim your VAT back today!

Make sure to claim your input VAT back ASAP!

If you have a non EU company and it wasn’t registered for VAT in the EU at the time you paid for it, you most likely didn’t claim back that VAT.
The 13th directive VAT reclaim deadline for VAT paid in the course of 2022 is the 30th of June 2023.
Please note that VAT refund claims for non-EU companies must legally be made by a fiscal representative. RMB is an official accredited and recognised fiscal representative and can take care of that for you!

Below are some examples of costs that can be relevant for your business and for which you can claim a VAT refund:

♦ VAT on local purchases of goods in the EU,
♦ VAT on traveling expenses (restaurants, tolls, petrol etc.) in the EU.

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