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Intragroup posting of workers

Your company is part of a group and has the intention for (or is already) sending workers in other companies of the same group in France?

If so, these activities fall under temporary posting of workers regulations in France. Consequently, your company is ought to follow the rules of posting of workers in France.


Before sending workers to France, your company has the following obligations:

  • Send a prior declaration of temporary worker posting. This declaration is called SIPSI and must be transferred to the French Administration before your employees arrive in France containing the details of the French company to which the workers will be sent,
  • Designate a representative established in France. It is mandatory that your representative will preserve all documents relating to your temporary posting of workers (A1 forms, work contracts, medical certificates, etc.),
  • Make a BTP card request in case of services carried out on a construction site. (read more on BTP Card page),
  • The salaries of your posted workers must be at least equal to the minimal gross wages in France.

The French company receiving those posted workers must receive before the start of services:

  • The prior declaration of temporary worker posting,
  • The mandate signed with the local representative,
  • A copy of all A1 forms issued by your country of origin.

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