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Find out what the different eco-contributions are, how they are collected as a tax and whether your company is affected or not.

An eco-contribution, also known as an environmental contribution, is an amount added to the price of a product to compensate for the environmental impacts related to its manufacturing, distribution or disposal.

The eco-contribution can be applied to a variety of products, such as electronics, household appliances, vehicles, batteries and accumulators, chemicals, packaging, lamps, furniture, and many others.

This eco-contribution is paid in full by the producers to the eco-organisations.

The amount of the eco-contribution is determined based on the quantity and nature of the materials used in the production of the product, as well as its overall environmental impact.

What RMB can do for you regarding Eco-Contributions 

RM Boulanger can support and assist your company in the periodic management of these eco-contributions and in particular :

  • Carry out an audit of your flows and your obligations in terms of eco-contributions,
  • Determine which of your products are subject to these eco-contributions,
  • Assist you in joining the relevant eco-organisations,
  • Assist you in the event of a control of an eco-organisation,
  • Ensure the consistency of your declarations and review them annually,
  • Filing periodic declarations of your eco-contributions,
  • Regularise past operations,
  • Be your company's point of contact with the eco-organisations,
  • Acting as the fiscal representative for taxpayers who are not established in France.

Are you up to speed with your eco-contributions obligations ?

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