Less that 15 days left to submit the 2nd CBAM Report for Q1 2024

Time for action: CBAM reports for Q1 2024 must be filed before April 30,2024.
As we are halfway through the month of April, the reporting window for the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) Q1 2024 reports will close at the end of the month, on April, 30,2024.

It seems like only 10% of companies concerned by the CBAM managed to submit their Q4 2023 reports. That supposedly leaves a whopping 90% of businnesses still struggling with this new mechanism.
At RM Boulanger, we strive to ensure that CBAM compliance is not perceived as a burden that we would be delighted to take off your hands.

We believe that the CBAM is not just an additional reporting obligation. The CBAM is also an opportunity for your company to develop sustainable and responsible business practices. Our team of experts specialises in simplifying CBAM compliance for importers and Registered Customs Representative (RCR).

Here’s what we can do for you:

report filing

Everything is under control, from the preparation of your CBAM reports to their filing, thanks to "EasyCBAM" our cutting-edge, specially designed tool, that facilitates the generation of automated XML reports. 

CBAM guidance

Your business is one of a kind, and that's why we offer advice that fits just right, aiming to sort out any specific CBAM needs and queries you might have.

Staying ahead
of the curve

Rules have a habit of changing, especially when it comes to the Carbon Border Adjustment Mecanism topic. That is the reason why RMB stays in the loop, so your business is always playing by the book.


The time for action is now! Don't be part of the 90% who haven’t made their move. Getting ahead with CBAM isn't just smart, it'll keep your business away from any trouble like import bans or big fines.

Many talk the talk... RM Boulanger walks the walk! So contact us today and let's discuss how we can take care of your CBAM obligations.

RM Boulanger celebrates another year of Excellence with the best rating from the Banque de France: G1+