Latest VAT rate changes in Italy

Are you aware of the latest
VAT rate changes in Italy ?

Since 1 January 2023, new VAT changes have come into effect in Italy.

The final version of the Italian budget law has been approved on 29/12/2022 and that some VAT rates have been reduced.
Indeed, the 5% VAT rate has been introduced for:

► Powdered or liquid milk for feeding infants or young children, packaged for retail sale,

► Food preparations of flour, groats, meal, starch or malt extract for feeding infants or young children, put up for retail sale (Custom code 1901.10.00),

► Baby diapers,

► Child seats to be installed in motor vehicles,

► Absorbent and tampon products, intended for the protection of feminine hygiene, other than those that are compostable according to the UNI EN 13432:2002 standard and those that are washable.

If you are concerned by any of the changes mentioned above, be sure to apply the appropriate rate(s).

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