New Eco-contribution obligations

Be vigilant as you may be concerned by new obligations concerning the French AGEC law!

France's Anti-Waste for a Circular Economy law of February 11, 2020, ( la loi AGEC) created the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR). The EPR is a policy approach under which producers are given a significant responsibility for the treatment or disposal of post-consumer products.

Producers of certain products must join one or more eco-organisations to meet their obligations and must pay eco-contribution fees. The amount of which is modulated according to the types of products and the quantities sold.

Focus on 2 new obligations that concern all producers of products subject to eco-contributions.

1) New obligation regarding the elaboration of a prevention and eco-design plan.

Among the new obligations of the AGEC law comes the elaboration of a prevention and eco-design plan.

When? This obligation will come into effect from January 2023 onwards.

What does it consist of? Companies are obliged to establish a prevention and eco-design plan in which they justify the reduction in the use of non-renewable resources, the increase in the use of recycled materials and the recyclability of their products.

A report on the objectives and actions taken must be drawn up every 5 years.

Who is concerned? All companies liable for eco-contributions on products they put on the market, regardless of turnover or quantity of units sold.

Since each sector has its own specific characteristics, the company's prevention and eco-design plan must be adapted to all the sectors to which it belongs.

RM Boulanger has set up a dedicated team to help companies draw up their prevention and eco-design plan so that they comply with their legal obligations.

2) The extension of the list of products subject to these eco-contributions.

Which products are concerned by these new eco-fees?

The products concerned are toys, sports and leisure articles, DIY and garden articles as well as construction products and materials related to the building sector.

Which companies have to pay these new eco-taxes ?

The producers of the concerned products have the obligation to join the eco-organisations in charge of the collection of these eco-fees and to deposit periodical declarations, along with their payment.

When does this obligation come into effect ?

Some products are concerned since 2022 (toys), however joining the eco-organisation in charge only opened during the year 2022 so it is therefore not too late to comply.

The other products will be concerned from 2023 onwards and signing up to the eco-organisations in charge is already feasible.

RM Boulanger is happy to assist you in fulfilling this obligation, by identifying the scope of your obligations, taking care of your affiliation with the right eco-organisation and by filing your declarations.

Make sure you are compliant and get in touch with us today !

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