RMB Insider Webinar : Selling DDP to the UK

We are proud to present the video of our webinar together with Nord France Invest, Groupe BBL & Unsworth, and would like to thank everyone who made these wonderful events possible.

Content of the webinar

Roughly 11 months after Brexit, we organized a series of webinars with Nord France Invest, Groupe BBL & Unsworth on how to sell DDP from the EU to the UK. We offer our audience our experience in the last year and our solutions, in cooperation with our partners.

This webinar gives you acces to our know-how, allong you to understand the challenges ahead and identify practical and workable solutions that will preserve your hard-gained market position amongst your competitors on the British market.

If you are struggling with sending goods into the UK or if you want to know more about selling DDP in the UK and minimize the effects of Brexit on your activities, don’t hesitate to join us! As experts in cross-borders formalities, we will answer all your questions and help you find the best solution for your challenges.

Paperless process for the "13th Directive" refund procedure