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Explanation on the AGEC law and on how eco-contributions work.

What is an eco-organisation?


An eco-organisation is a non-profit organisation to which the producers concerned by EPR obligations transfer their collection obligations in exchange of a financial contribution.

They are responsible for the management of the organisation and are appointed by the public authoritiest o carry out their mission based on precise specifications.

Why join an eco-organisation?

  • To free yourself from your legal EPR obligation,
  • To improve the quality and environmental impact of your products,
  • To participate in the preservation of resources and reduce your costs,
  • To participate in a dynamic of technical progress and sustainable value creation.


Here is an overview of the different eco-organisations present in France:

  • Eco-contribution applicable to movable goods that provide a seating, a bed, storage, a table or work surface and to textile decorative items: EcoMaison or Valdélia,
  • Eco-contribution applicable to electrical and electronic equipment: Ecosystem or Ecologic,
  • Eco-contribution applicable to lamps and LEDs: Ecosystem,
  • Eco-contribution applicable to portable batteries and accumulators: Corepile or Screlec,
  • Eco-contribution applicable to products containing molecules that may constitute a risk to health and/or the environment: Eco-DDS,
  • Eco-contribution applicable to textiles, clothing and footwear: Refashion,
  • Eco-contribution applicable to household packaging: Citeo, Leko, Adelphe,
  • Eco-contribution applicable to paper weighing less than 224 g/m² : Citeo,
  • Eco-contribution applicable to sports and leisure articles: Ecologic,
  • Eco-contribution applicable to DIY and garden products: EcoMaison, Ecologic and Eco-DDS,
  • Eco-contribution applicable to toys: EcoMaison,
  • Eco-contribution applicable to construction products and materials of the building sector (BPCB): Valobat. Ecominero, EcoMaison, Valdélia.
  • Eco-contribution applicable to recreational or sports boats: Aper,
  • Eco-contribution applicable to unused medicines: Cyclamed,
  • Eco-contribution applicable to tyres:  Aliapur, GIE FRP,
  • Eco-contribution applicable to tobacco: Alcome.

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