What are
the new EU VAT rules since July 2021 ?

On July 1st, 2021, the EU introduced new rules which aim to increase the amount of VAT that is collected within the 27 member states. These changes have seen the abolition of the Mini One Stop Shop (MOSS) and the establishment of two new platforms to facilitate interaction with the EU VAT authorities.

In this video, Michael Boulanger, CEO of RM BOULANGER, will answer the following questions :

What is changing with E-commerce in the EU ?

What tools are in place to help us manage these new rules ?

What are the benefits of using the new OSS/IOSS platforms ?

What about the maximum value of €150?

Can OSS/IOSS be used for my B2B sales ?

Am I obliged to use the OSS/IOSS platforms ? Are there advantages to using the "ols" system?

I sell via a marketplace, am I affected ?

Our business is located outside the EU and some marketplaces are refusing to work with us. What can we do ?

How can RMB help my business adapt to the new rules ?

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