Sell DDP in the EU


Sell DDP in the EU

The beginning of 2021 was like a bad dream coming true for many businesses that trade with the UK. In addition to a no-deal Brexit, the impact of COVID-19 made trading especially difficult.
The biggest change for EU businesses is that the UK is now treated as a ‘third country’ by the EU. The precise impact of that depends on what type of trade you do with the UK.

Time has passed since then, but many British and European companies still struggle to determine how they should be selling across this new border. The precise impact of Brexit depends on what type of trade you do with the EU.

In this brochure we detail a range of scenarios for different types of businesses. This will answer a number of your questions.
If your business does not follow one of the scenarios outlined, you must get professional advice as soon as possible.

RMB are available to help you negotiate the post-Brexit trade landscape.

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