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Where our story began

For 40 years, RMB has taken on fiscal, social tax, and environmental tax filing obligations for companies. This activity is also known as fiscal representation. RMB is renowned as one of the primary actors in France and Europe for this type of activity.

Throughout the years, RMB has continued to remain independent. This quality is essential to us as it has given us the important ability to adapt and to make quick decisions. Our goal is to ensure that our clients can sell their products and their services in all countries of the European Union without having to set up a permanent establishment. Its steady business development, as well as its excellent financial standing makes RMB a reliable and trustworthy partner.

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While the main activity of RMB is in international trade fiscality, notably in terms of intracommunity VAT, our company is developing several other services in various domains of activity. Therefore, RMB is now offering to assist its clients in terms of environmental taxes, import methods, or even representation services for their employees working abroad.

The reason for the diversification of our activities comes in large part from the needs of our clients. One of the strengths of RMB is ensuring that our customers have a personal and tailor-made experience. Nowadays, digitalisation has taken on a significant role, however, continuous and dedicated client relationships remain a major part of RMB’s DNA.

Our company wishes to pursue its current direction of growth in order to act as a facilitator for our clients.

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Do you have questions about how RMB can help your business? Send us an email and we’ll get in touch with you shortly, our VAT experts are always happy to help. You can also contact us by phone: +33 3 20 25 70 70.

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