Simplification of VAT obligations
for e-merchants

B2C sales in the EU

You should know that your business is affected by the e-commerce VAT reform whether it is established in the EU or in a non-EU country.

You are concerned:

  • if you sell from warehouses located in the EU to private individuals in the EU.
  • if you don't have a warehouse in the EU but the packages you send to your private customers are imported into the European Union (DDP).

However, you are not concerned if:

  • You only make sales to professionals (B2B);
  • You do not make any sales through a website or marketplace.

The OSS / "One Stop Shop" and IOSS / "Import One Stop Shop" one-stop shops simplify your filing obligations in the EU.

As a consequence:

  • You will no longer be required to be VAT registered in each EU country;
  • You will file VAT in all EU countries via a single access to an electronic portal.

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