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RMB's services are intended for businesses carrying out business transactions in Europe. From a VAT perspective, how can these companies be sure they are fully compliant? Moreover, they need to quickly know whether they have to charge their European customers VAT, or if the VAT they were charged by one of their German suppliers will be refundable. These are just a very few examples possible questions tha companies have when they perform cross-border operations.

Our way of getting things done

Since 1981, RMB has ensured the security of many companies business transactions in Europe on a VAT level, by proposing pragmatic and easy to implement solutions.

The first step for RMB’s experts is to always fully map out the operations and the flows of goods. When this « cartography is done », they are then able to propose VAT services. As an example, many of RMB’s clients are distant sellers. These companies sell goods from a particular European country to private consumers based in other European Member States.

What these companies often ignore is that they will have to register for VAT in each country of destination once their turnover exceeds a local turnover threshold.

Therefore RMB has developed a specific and dedicated package of VAT services for these companies that includes VAT registration and VAT compliance in all 28 EU Member States + Switzerland and Norway.

RMB also proposes companies assistance with WEEE and staff secondment services. Whatever your industry or wherever your customers are located, RMB has solutions for you.

Some basic principles...

  • Cross border VAT rules have been applicable since the customs borders were removed between EU Member States in 1993.
  • Doing e-commerce in Europe and being compliant with European VAT regulations is not as easy as it may seem.
  • Obtaining an EORI number is compulsory for all companies importing and exporting goods into and from Europe.
  • EU VAT registration can be mandatory if your company intends to perform B to B and B to C transactions between EU Member States.
  • Fiscal representation is the solution for your business because cross border VAT regulations have never been so complex.
  • Intrastat have been created just after the suppression of the European customs borders in 1993.
  • VAT compliance in EU countries is not an issue to be underestimated.
  • WEEE stands for Waste Electrical and Electronics Equipment. Under recent regulations, companies which sell these specific products have the obligation to file and pay these taxes.

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