Eco Contributions

An application of the
AGEC law

Explanation on the AGEC law and on how eco-contributions work.

What is the AGEC law?

In France, the AGEC law was created to reduce the environmental impacts of production and consumption, in particular by encouraging waste recycling.

In order to achieve this, the waste recycling policy for certain products is based on the EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) system. This system obliges producers to join an eco-organisation and to pay a financial contribution for the prevention and management of waste related to their products.
The AGEC law extended the scope of application of certain EPR channels and created new channels, which led to the introduction of new eco-contributions for products in these channels.
Companies must pay this eco-tax, which is added to the selling price of certain products in France. This amount is intended to compensate for the costs of collecting, managing and recycling end-of-life equipment.

How eco-contributions work :

Eco-contributions are declared by the company liable to pay them, by filing periodic declarations, a period that differs according to the eco-organisations.

The amount of eco-taxes is determined by the competent eco-organisations and is applied to each product sold by a company liable for payment on French territory.

This amount is then indexed to the selling price in order to be charged on to the final consumer.

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