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VAT rates changes in Poland, from April 1st 2020 onwards

The Polish Ministry of Finance introduces new reduced VAT rates from April 1st, 2020. Current reduced rates are 5% and 8%, and now dropping to 5% and 7% respectively. The new VAT rates impact in real life:

  • Newspapers, journals (both printed and electronic) will be taxed at 8%;
  • Printed books and e-books will be taxed at of 5%;
  • All seafood products will increase to 23% ;
  • Bakery and confectionery goods will be levied at 5% instead of various rates

Poland annouced the changes in order to make it easier to apply the correct VAT rates for businesses. Concerning journals and newspapers (printed and digital), Poland decided to follow the European Union and to align the VAT rates of electronic books and publications with their printed counterparts.

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