Non-established in the EU and you paid VAT in France?
Reclaim your VAT before it's too late!

In case your company wasn’t registered for VAT in France at the time you paid for it, you probably then couldn't claim back that VAT. However, this VAT can be reclaimed if you meet certain conditions such as:

  • The VAT paid directly relates to your business activity.
  • The VAT has been correctly invoiced by your supplier.
  • Submit the application before the deadline. For VAT paid in 2021, the deadline is June 30, 2022.
  • Appoint a fiscal representative to submit the claim to the French tax authorities.

Here are some examples of expenses for which VAT can be reclaimed:

  • VAT paid in 2021 on imports of goods into France.
  • VAT paid on purchases in France.
  • VAT on travel expenses in France.

What do we need in order to submit the VAT claim?

As your company is not established in the EU, you need to appoint a fiscal representative and give them the right to act on your behalf in order to submit the VAT refund application. RMB is accredited by the French tax authorities to act as a fiscal representative for foreign companies and can therefore represent your company.

Please contact us for pricing information and to appoint RMB as your tax representative. Once appointed as a representative, your company will only need to provide our team with supporting documents such as: copies of purchase invoices, copies of import documents and, in case you have sold goods in France to French companies, we will also need to receive the sales invoices.

Our exceptional "early-bird" fee proposal this year!

We have decided to offer our early birds a discount on our service fees.
In order to avail of this offer, RM Boulanger needs to be appointed as your fiscal representative and receive all the supporting documents to take care of your claim by May 31, 2022.This way you will also receive your VAT refund quicker!

So don't wait until the last minute and contact us today to receive our special fee proposal.

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Paperless process for the "13th Directive" refund procedure

10 / 2021

The next applications must be submitted electronically and be accompanied by a summary table including, for each invoice or import document, the following information:

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