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Fiscal representation
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Cross border VAT regulations have never been so complex. Companies can feel lost due the ever changing rules in VAT compliance. It is for this reason that RMB has provided fiscal representation services for over 35 years to companies that want to ensure they respect local VAT legislation, and limit their exposure to risks.

Fiscal representation through RMB encompasses VAT registration in the countries in which your company has business, filing of VAT returns, as well as dealing with all correspondence with the local Tax Authorities on your behalf.

Thanks to RMB’s fiscal representation services, your company will be fully compliant with European cross border VAT regulations. We will also ensure that your invoices show all the mandatory statements required in the countries where you are doing business. By using RMB’s fiscal representation services, your company will secure its business transactions in all 28 European Member States + Switzerland and Norway.

Fiscal representation through RMB, acting as your fiscal representative abroad

As an independent company, RMB provides businesses with practical and clear answers to their questions. Moreover, RMB will directly liaise with Local Tax Departments in charge of VAT registration procedures. This will allow you save time, as your company will be able to invoice and carry out its business in all European countries.

As a VAT expert, RM Boulanger is fully independent and one of the largest European companies currently providing fiscal representation services. Fiscal representation is definitely not a secondary service within our company, but has been our core business area since 1981. RM Boulanger is able to assist your company with Fiscal representation in all 28 EU Member States + Switzerland and Norway.

Our terms and conditions for Fiscal representation are clear, our pricing is fair and there are no hidden costs.

The Key to Understanding VAT

There should be an emphasis on the importance of analysing your operations from a VAT perspective. The key to VAT is understanding that each of your cross border transactions must be analysed in depth and on a case-by-case basis. This analysis is the first step to our fiscal representation process.

We need to make sure that we have perfectly understood your operations before offering you solutions and advice tailored to your situation. VAT treatment will differ on whether you sell goods or services, your clients are companies or private individuals, your goods are imported from non-EU countries or produced in your own country of establishment, …

The mission of RMB as your tax representative is to go through your operations and additional supporting documents and to offer you the best adapted VAT solution.

Why is VAT so Complex?

As an example, many B to B cross border operations are VAT zero rated. This is the case for exports from the E.U., Intra EC deliveries, and many types of services. This may make it seem easy to handle, as there is no VAT to show on your invoices, but on the contrary it actually makes things much more complicated.

There are many conditions to respect when it comes to not charging VAT on invoices and the European tax Authorities are increasingly challenging operators who do not abide by these conditions.

What About your Operations?

The result of RMB’s analyses will inform you of whether your company is in fact obliged to charge local VAT to your clients. If it is the case, your company will have to register for VAT in some E.U. countries and will need fiscal representation services.

Operations requiring VAT registration and the appointment of a tax representative in the country of destination (applicable to all 28 European countries + Switzerland & Norway) are as follows:

  • Intra EC deliveries: Sales of goods to companies based in other countries of the E.U.
  • Intra EC acquisitions: Purchases of goods from companies in other E.U Member States
  • Exports from the European Union
  • Sales of products to private individuals

Our Solutions

Services provided by RMB acting as your tax representative.

After having audited your operations, and if our conclusions are that your company needs to register for VAT, RMB will provide you with a list of documents required by local Tax Authorities. RMB will take care of the whole VAT registration process.

Once your VAT registration number has been granted, your company will be entitled to carry out the business transactions as described above in the country concerned by the VAT registration.

RMB will then have to file periodical VAT returns in the country. Our team will therefore need to receive from you sales and purchases documents. This data will be processed, VAT will be calculated, and VAT returns will be submitted to the local Tax Authorities.

All questions from the Tax Authorities will naturally be answered by RMB’s teams. In all cases, RMB will be happy to be your unique contact for all European countries (including Norway and Switzerland).

RMB’s fiscal representation services include:

  • An in-depth VAT analysis of your operations
  • The VAT registration of your company with the Tax Authorities
  • The filing of your VAT returns
  • Day-to-day correspondence with the local Tax Administration

What about Income Tax and Fiscal Representation?

Business operations handled through fiscal representation remain taxed in your country of establishment. There are no issues regarding direct income tax on the condition that the transactions do not require setting up a permanent establishment (branch or subsidiary) in the country of establishment.

Essentially imports and trading operations, installation and assembly of goods and B2C sales do not require the creation of a permanent establishment.

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