Construction company in France

We are a Dutch construction firm and we recently managed to sign on a big project in France. We plan to send our Dutch inhouse engineers, as well as Dutch, German and French subcontractors to the construction site.

Our case

After a first round of research, we understood that posting workers to France is a very delicate matter. Although it is not a requirement to have local representation, we felt that the rules were complicated and the risks high enough that we started to look for local representation firms. In addition to this, our client is a French company, this meant that we also needed to invoice French VAT on our sales invoices.

We discovered RM Boulanger while searching for an online tax specialist. They immediately understood our challenges and needs. They took the full administrative burden off our shoulders.

The first step was to register our company in France for VAT. During the registration process, RMB had already provided us with a model of sales invoices, this allowed us to correctly invoice our end client by including the mandatory French statements and other details that must appear on invoices.

RMB also provided us with a full overview to understand which transactions should be invoiced with VAT and those that should not.

This was very important as we had previously had bad experiences paying VAT to suppliers and not being able to get it refunded afterwards by the authorities, because the VAT was wrongly invoiced in many cases.

Meanwhile, RMB assisted us in collecting all required documents allowing us to post our workers to our French construction site and to remain fully compliant with local laws. There was little stress to be seen when we received the first inspection on our construction site, as we knew in advance that RMB had every possible question from the labour inspection authorities prepared in advance.

2 years after on we are increasingly active in France, sharing our Dutch know-how and building more projects on the French territory.

Comments from RMB

As your local representative, it is our mission to represent you in various ways before the tax administrations. Our dedicated team is here to assist all our clients regarding their questions on VAT, movements of goods, as well as posting of workers or having permanent employees in France. It is our mission to make sure that you can focus on your business (development) while we take care of the paperwork.

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