With RMB – there is no more need to worry about your taxes and eco-contributions

Companies selling goods and services in France must respect a series of complex tax and eco-contribution rules, and may need to obtain an intra-community VAT number. There are many issues linked to the lack of knowledge surrounding these rules. Our clients therefore require quick and efficient solutions. It is precisely the goal of RMB’s experts to make things easier for you when it comes to taxes and eco-contributions. Entrust RMB with your administrative procedures regarding taxes and eco-contributions in France, this will smooth out your business procedures and give you peace of mind.

RMB offers tailor-made assistance in the management of :

  • Energy-related taxes
    • TICGN
    • TICC
  • Product-related taxes
    • CTA
    • HBJOAT
    • DEFI
    • "Rémunération pour copie provée"
    • "Redevance pour pollutions diffuses"
  • Product-related taxes through VAT returns
    • "Contribution sur les boissons sucrées/edulcorées"
    • "Taxe sur le transport public aérien et maritime en provenance ou à destination de la Corse"
  • Eco-contributions
  • Interprofessional Contributions
  • Aeronautical Taxes

RMB’s assistance in tax, eco-contribution and license fee matters notably include:

  • The analysis of your transaction flows and verification of the applicable scope of taxes, license fees and other eco-contributions for your products,
  • The registration of your company with the competent authorities and or eco-organisations,
  • The management of your periodical declarations,
  • Regulatory monitoring

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