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EORI number
your unique customs number

An EORI number (Economic Operator Registration Identification Number) is compulsory for all companies importing and exporting goods into and from Europe. Import and export have to be understood as trade operations from and to non-EU countries.

An EORI number is not required for supplies or acquisitions within the European Union (intracommunity supplies or intracommunity acquisitions). The EORI number was implemented on 1st July 2009 by all 28 EU Member States.

The purpose of the EORI number is to :

  • Enable European National Customs Authorities to identify traders importing or exporting goods to or from the EU.
  • Monitor the circulation of goods and consequently to strengthen customs security within the European territory.

Each EORI number is unique and granted for an indefinite period by the Customs Authorities. RMB, as an independent company, will immediately and directly liaise with the Customs Departments in charge of the EORI registrations on your behalf. This will help you save time, as your goods will be customs cleared in due time. The EORI issue often comes up when the goods have already arrived at Customs.

EORI number registration

RM Boulanger will act as your independent partner and will apply for your EORI number, but also for VAT registrations you require in any of the 28 EU Member States + Switzerland and Norway. The application for an EORI number requires a perfect knowledge of European import VAT and customs processes. RM Boulanger has this knowledge and will be pleased to assist you in applying for an EORI number.

How to apply?

If your company is based in the EU and has customs operations with clients or suppliers based outside the EU, RMB can help you to apply for an EORI number. Please note however that EORI numbers are usually granted to VAT registered companies only. There is a possibility to apply for an EORI number if you are not VAT registered but we will have to complete separate forms for import and export.

RMB will provide you with a list of questions requesting information needed on your company and your customs operations. This information will allow us to obtain your EORI number in a very short amount of time.


An EORI number is usually the extension of a traders’ VAT number. The 9 digit VAT number is prefixed with two letter code of the issuing country, for example “FR” and suffixed with “000”. It is highly important that your EORI number is correctly entered on your import declarations by your customs agents as import VAT is only refunded by the tax authorities if the EORI number mentioned is correct.

Validity check

You can check whether your suppliers or clients’ EORI numbers are valid by clicking on the following this link (European Union website). Your validation request can be launched by entering the EORI number and clicking « Validate ».

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