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Every company has its core business, and stives to excel in its own domain. Our passion is VAT and the movement of goods across the invisible borders of Europe and beyond. Putting our passion to work is what keeps us going every day, and what keeps our clients compliant and happy. Are you looking for support in the complex matters of VAT for one or several of your clients?

Are you obliged to work with a fiscal representative?

RM Boulanger has a long-lasting tradition of cooperating with accountant firms, law firms, auditing firms and many others. We respect our client's relationships with their customers and carry out our mission discretely.

A non-EU company has the obligation to work with a fiscal representative in France if the company requires a VAT number. The fiscal representative assumes all responsibility on behalf of the non-EU company towards the tax administration.

RM Boulanger is accredited by the French tax authorities to act as a fiscal representative on behalf of any non-EU company.

EU-based companies do not have the obligation to have a fiscal representative. They can manage their obligations themselves or appoint a fiscal mandate to RM Boulanger. In both cases, we would be more than happy to represent your client(s) in France and beyond.

Fiscal representation is different in each country.

The specific laws and risks that come with the job are not to be underestimated. We are more than happy to fiscally represent your client in France and in any other member state of the EU. We provide tailormade services to our partners through careful consideration of the specific relationship they have with their client, the geographical context and information flows.

As a fiscal representative in France, we can represent your client without necessarily being in direct contact with the end customer. It all comes down to trust based on an open and transparent relationship, providing all parties involved with the information needed, so every part of the chain can function properly.

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